CANCIO bets on the exclusive design of its products and consequently every project is realized according to a procedure of development centered on the fulfillment of the most demanding regulations. These progresses are realized in-house, with an own team of designeurs, and in extern with prestigious collaborators.

Here are some of the draughtsmen collaborating with us:

Gorka Bukidos

Gorka Bukidos

Borned on 1983 in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Technical Engineer in Industrial Design, he studied in EUITIZ (Technical Engineering Univeristy of Zaragoza) during the period 2002-2006. After that, Gorka starts his working life with collaborations for different office furniture industries integrated in the Research and Development departments.

In 2008 creates his own Design Studio, Gb-Di, doing projects for indoor (office, dining and contract furniture) and outdoor (urban furniture). His ideas are based on the respect to environment and innovation.

Gorka also collaborates for international projects with AGV Estudio

Despite his young age, Gorka holds a good number of Prizes, like the European First Prize of Environment for the Company 2010-2011, Silver Swing in 2012 for Pedro Monserrat Park and Golden Swing in 2013 for Plaza Green Capital.

Jorge Valle

Jorge Valle

Graphic Designer and Industrial Design Engineering student. Borned in Valladolid on 1991, Jorge Valle started to pay attention to design when he was 11. His main motivation since then was to comprise all design fields, learning to work with any design software, 3D, CAD...

When Valle was 14 years old, was granted the Prize of “New Technologies use” by Organización Maristas for the creation of a Videogame focused in physical education.

Freelance designer since 18, Valle has worked for more than 30 companies, and at 20, created a monthly magazine for University students.

The last two years has focused his learning in APP development for mobile and web platforms and videogames design.

Mario Martínez

Mario Martínez

Mario was borned in 1990 in Valladolid.

Superior Technician in Mechanical Project´s Development and Engineer in Industrial Design and Product Development. He starts in the field of design in 2009, firstly with a technical base, studying in the Institute Juan de Herrera in Valladolid.

Mario collaborates with TRW Automotive Valladolid being part of the design and development process, prototyping and passive systems analysis of automotive safety.

His technical and creative training continues in the University of Valladolid, focused on design, modellling, 3D analysis and new products creation both in his studies and personal projects.