Bar Circus

Bar Circus

Bar Circus

High bar with central foot, square section and rounded corners, which is manufactured in stainless steel, chrome or lacquered in epoxy. Worktop with a plywood base, glass surface, porcelain or Fenix ntm. The height of this snack round table is of 90 centimetres, and is thought to be combined with bar stools. The worktop is manufactured in 70 and 80 centimetres of diameter.


Technical Data


  • Ceramic Calacatta
  • Ceramic Beton
  • Ceramic Cement
  • Ceramic Iron Moss
  • Ceramic Basalt
  • Ceramic Nero

  • Fenix Alaska
  • Fenix Londra
  • Fenix Bromo
  • Fenix Ingo

  • Matt Glass Transparent
  • Matt Glass White
  • Glossy Glass White
  • Glossy Glass Anthracite
  • Glossy Glass Black
  • Glossy Glass Red
  • Glossy Glass Turtledove

  • Metal White
  • Metal Anthracite
  • Metal Black
  • Metal Aluminium
  • Metal Chrome Steel
  • Metal Stainledd Steel

Bar Circus

Worktop: Ceramic Calacatta
Legs: Metal White

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