Bar Peliccan

Bar Peliccan

Bar Peliccan

Balance of lines for a differential design. Peliccan bar is a bar with a central foot, an aluminium lacquered column with a triangular section, and a base at ground level in steel and in x-shaped, which provides it a great stability. The worktop offers a shelf support of dyed plywood, and on it you can put a porcelain sheet, a tempered glass of 4 millimetres or Fenix ntm, a soft - touch nanotechnological material, ultra- mate and anti- fingerprint finish. It is manufactured in two different diameters, 70 und 80 centimetres and its weight is 90 centimetres, ideal to be used with stool bars. Design, which can be combined with any kitchen or contract space.


Technical Data


  • Ceramic Calacatta
  • Ceramic Beton
  • Ceramic Cement
  • Ceramic Iron Moss
  • Ceramic Basalt
  • Ceramic Nero

  • Fenix Alaska
  • Fenix Londra
  • Fenix Bromo
  • Fenix Ingo

  • Matt Glass Transparent
  • Matt Glass White
  • Glossy Glass White
  • Glossy Glass Anthracite
  • Glossy Glass Black
  • Glossy Glass Red
  • Glossy Glass Turtledove

  • Metal White
  • Metal Anthracite
  • Metal Black
  • Metal Aluminium

Bar Peliccan

Worktop: Ceramic Calacatta
Legs: Metal White

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