Bar Stool Chef

Bar Stool Chef

Bar Stool Chef

Bar stool with adjustable high. Stainless steel base. Coloured polycarbonate seat.


Technical Data


  • Polycarbonate White
  • Polycarbonate Transparent
  • Polycarbonate Fume
  • Polycarbonate Orange
  • Polycarbonate Red
  • Polycarbonate Blue

  • Metal Chrome Steel

Circular base bar stool:
  • Circular base bar stool White
  • Circular base bar stool Anthracite
  • Circular base bar stool Black
  • Circular base bar stool Stainledd Steel

Squared base bar stool:
  • Squared base bar stool White
  • Squared base bar stool Anthracite
  • Squared base bar stool Black
  • Squared base bar stool Stainledd Steel

Bar Stool Chef

Seat: Polycarbonate White
Legs: Metal Chrome Steel

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