Did you know the existence of a technology called Aquaclean that allows to clean any type of stain with only water? And that is also a Spanish innovation?

Well yes…, the factory Interfabrics, specialize in manufacturing fabrics, it has revolutionized the industry of upholstered furniture and chairs, developing an advance protection to cover the thread with an invisible molecular coat that blocks the stains preventing to get into the fabric.

Until now, no one would question the use of upholstered on chairs or stools in the kitchen with not other material that wasn’t vinyl, but now, this has changed. Thanks, to Aquaclean, any type of stain can be clean in an easy and fast way.

We are not going to dwell about how to clean these fabrics, that’s something that the Interfabrics has taken the time to explain, one by one video on how Aquaclean works. We invite you to go to YouTube and enter Aquaclean, you will see and learn how to clean any type of stain, even blood!

In Cancio, we incorporated Aquaclean to our Mystic and Bellagio upholstered finishes, appliable to every chair, armchair and stool desire.

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