The kitchen table, is a fundamental furniture piece in the space of an important part of our homes. The kitchen is a principal area where all the family members get together for everyday meals, and occasionally, have long after meal conversations, that is why the importance of choosing a comfortable and that checks all our needs.

Also, we can use it as a support for the prep and cooking time.

What factors should we have in mind when we get to choose our kitchen table?

Even though it may seem obvious, the most important aspect is the right dimensions of the table, for a correct distribution of the space in the kitchen. The dimension, bigger or smaller, must be aligned to the space left for its placement.

The table cannot be an obstacle in the natural circulation in the space, and you have to keep in mind the space that the chairs you choose will occupy. Además, hay que tener en cuenta el espacio que ocuparán las sillas que vayamos a elegir como complemento de la mesa.

It is important to measure and know the dimensions of our kitchen before choosing the dimension of the table.

The first question that we need to respond is, if we want our table to be extendable or fixed.

In this article, we are going to show you what are the key points of the extendable tables, being chosen by the clients as one of the most purchased table for their kitchens.

The versatility is the main characteristic of an extendable kitchen table. When closed, it occupies less space, and when it is open, you can use that extra space for having more people seat comfortable at the table.

Nowadays, the kitchen styles are trying to be more functional, and to become a favourite room in the house, not only for eating and dining, but also a place where you can have a nice conversation while another one is cooking. The extendable table is a great option to save space, having the possibility to expand or save space depending on your needs at the moment.

One square meter should be enough space to place a table.

When you have an unusual small space and the typical table dimensions don’t go hand in hand with your space, your best option is a custom-made table. Multiplus,is ideal for this custom-made option. You can customize the length, width and height, and it has a wide range of finishes for you to choose from, and you also have the option of only wanting the structure, so you can place the same finish of your kitchen countertop as your table worktop.

The Multiplus table can be custom-made.

The ergonomics is another factor to consider. We shouldn’t get lost in the aesthetic of the table, the table and the extensions have to have the minimum space for the plates, cutlery… and a comfortable space for the person at the table.

We can consider that 60 cm is the minimum for a correct space, and 70 cm is ideal; logically, the more space you have, the more comfortable you will be. For open spaces, between the kitchen and the living room, the lack of space is not as noticeable as in the kitchen, choosing measurements such as 80, 90 and 100 cm as the table width.

Nevertheless, small flats will have smaller kitchens, not being able to a 60 cm minimum space, for that, the furniture industry creates designs for smaller spaces and specific solutions, such as Poker Minor,is a special table design for narrow but large spaces, or the 90º bar table, that has an integrated turning mechanism, allowing you to expand the surface to use and once close is integrated in the kitchen furniture.

Open Poker Minor table

The opening of the extension in the conventional tables may variate; side opening, front opening, central opening… depending on the functional of table design. The extension system also can variate, the most common and being the most comfortable is, sliding the legs and showing you the one or two extensions that were hidden in the interior, and that you can open it with a butterfly wing opening system, like in the Tokio table, Quadra Nova, Infinity or Atlas, or a rotated system, allowing to be one extension without a middle division like in our table designs Kerala and Lando.

Infinity table, butterfly wing opening detail

The mechanism quality of the extension opening is crucial to have a smooth and silent extendable table. The aluminium guide guaranties, and stablish the open position of the table, and the block mechanism helps the table will not move in either both positions, open or close.

The other important factor, is the aesthetics, and for that, Cancio manufactures all of their tables extensions in the same material and finish as the main worktop. With Dekton material, it is normal to see veins in their finishes, and we guarantee the continuity of the design of the finish between the main worktop and the extension. A pretty important factor to take in consideration when choosing a table with this finish, it is more common to not use a tablecloth.

Kerala table, opening and rotating extensable system with only one extension.

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