Currently, we offer you four types of different material for the top of our table designs.

We will show you more in detail the characteristic of each one:


Cosentino, the Spanish manufacture has developed a material with such incredible characteristic, it is now established as the latest trend in the kitchen and in the furniture in general.

But….what is Dekton?

It is a sophisticated mix of raw materia used to fabricate glass, the latest generations of ceramic and quartz surfaces. All the components get melted at over 1000ºC and get poured to a 25,000 tones press machine. The result is a surface with extraordinary qualities for its use, such as a table worktop.

What are the main qualities?

1. It is high scratch resistance. It will not be scratched by household utensils.

2. High stain resistance. Due to its low porosity, it is a highly resistant surface, both to occasional stains in domestic use and to chemical agents.

3. Its colour resistance throughout the time.

4. Non-porous material. It’s able to prevent liquids to stain the surface.

5. High resistance to fire and heat, up to 300º.

All these qualities make the maintenance and cleaning to be much easier. But even the simplicity of it, we will give you some tips on keeping this material in optimal conditions.

Cosentino recommends cleaning the worktops with a specific product called Q-Action, applying it with a sponge or soft cloth. If we don´t have it, the best options will be with neutral soap and water.

We must avoid making cuts with ceramic knifes, because both of them have nearly the same properties, can cause imperfections in the Dekton worktop.

Also, avoid hitting directly the parts that may be more expose, like corners, borders…

Another advantage of this material is the wide range of colours and textures, we offer the whole available range of Dekton finishes, up to 50 colours.

Also, it is an interesting feature to highlight, that we guarantee in our extendable tables the continuity of the design between the main worktop and the extension in the Dekton finishes.

Kerala table with Dekton Vera worktop.


Is a natural material created by the pressure of different mineral compounds.

In this case, the colour, texture and the veins don’t have the homogeneity as Dekton, but it cannot be considered as a defect, and instead as a unique, one of a kind piece.


1. Scratch and abrasion resistant due to its hard surface.

2. Hygienic and easy to clean surface. Suitable for contact with food.

3. Waterproof and liquid resistant.

4. UV resistant.

5. Resistant to high temperatures. Does not burn in contact with fire.

6. 100% natural, without resins. Up to 45% material recycle mix.

All of our ceramic worktops have a 3 mm width mount it on a 8 mm black lacquered tempered glass.

About its cleaning and maintenance, you should use a cloth with warm water and clean the surface as fastest possible when a liquid is spilled, so it won’t be absorbed.

Our range of colours is also wide and combine with brands like Neolith and Techlam.

Osaka table with Ceramic Calacatta worktop.


The glass that has to be use in worktops must be tempered; is a type of security glass produce with heat treatments, that makes them more resistant if we compared a glass with a tempered glass. Although, in case of a break, this treatment avoids the glass to break in small and sharp pieces.

The glass we use have the vertex bezeled and all the edges have an oblique cut, this allows to avoid sharp ends. The glass can have a glossy or matt finish. In the white finishes, we use an extra clear glass, it is the one used to eliminate the green tone typical of the glass.

For its cleaning, we will use the typical product for these materials, avoiding abrasive or aggressive, like metallic sponges that could scratch the surface.

The matt finishes have quite a porousness, and it’s recommended a special care to maintain for many years the same aspect as the first time.

Circus table with matt white glass worktop.


For CPL laminated worktops, we trust the multinational manufactory Egger.

CPL (continuous pressure laminate), defines the pressure that is put under for the fabrication of this worktop, giving them an extreme durability.

The most important characteristic is the lookalike wooden finish, is the highest level of realism achieved. Thanks to the technology, “synchronize porousness” gives the surface the aspect and the sense of touch, just like the real natural wood.

It is a hygienic material worktop, suitable for contact with food, great hardness and durability and resistant to chemical agents.

The care is a little bit more specific than the materials before.

Use a cloth or soft sponge, warm water and neutral soap, then dry the surface with a clean dry cloth or absorbent kitchen paper.

Do not cut directly on these surfaces as knives may leave marks, always use a cutting board. Avoid placing hot objects directly on the laminate, and immediately clean up spilled liquids.

Toy table with CPL Laminate Natural Oak worktop.

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