Fix bar table with Dolce bar stools.

In the process of distributing your kitchen space, the decision of, if you should have a space for a table and chairs or a bar table integrated on the kitchen counter, have becoming a day-to-day question.

In this post, we are going to give you key points in favour of an integrated bar table with tall bar stools, nevertheless, this depends on your personal decision.

  • The bar table and the stools, are nowadays, more seing as a product tendency, with a younger taste audience and for a more relax interior design style.
  • Eating at a higher seating level is associate to the new times, for better or for worst, the fast times are here to stay, and like most chances, we don’t have time to seat down to have breakfast or lunch, the best option is a table bar that lets you seat down without seating down.
  • It is an aesthetic solution that allows us to introduce a contrast between the kitchen countertop and the bar table worktop, and not only in the furniture, also in the kitchen island.
  • The bar tables, specially the ones that have moving solutions, bring more possibilities to optimize the space, saving space when they are not in use, and once you need to use them, you count with having an extra space for eating comfortable. Also, we fabricate them custom-made, it can adapt to any project, as complicated as it may seem.
  • The variety in finishes that we offer for our bar tables, can be incorporative in any type of kitchen.
  • The simplicity and fast installation of the bar table with its advance system of double-sided tape and a high adhesive, makes this product integrate in the existing kitchens that want to revive their space, and without the necessity of drilling the kitchen countertop.
  • The range of bar stools designs, fixed or height adjustable, allows the possibility to combine the table bars with any style, metal, wood, upholstery, lacquered, polycarbonate,…

Circus bar tables with Nera bar stools

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