The history of CANCIO cannot be understood without the wood. Since our beginnings, the culture of wood production has been part of our company’s DNA. We have the most advanced technology, which mixed with the right dose of craftsmanship that this raw material requires, allows us to manufacture a product with the highest quality standards.


Noble, warm and ecological raw material that comes from sustainably managed European forests in which only 80% of what is produced is cut. For every tree felled, at least two others are planted.

The use of water-based dyes in the dyeing process has a minimal impact on the environment because they do not emit toxic vapors or pollutants.

Lacquers based on polyurethane resins that provide maximum resistance and durability of the finished product.



Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surface.

Use a cloth or soft sponge, warm water and neutral soap, then dry the surface with a clean dry cloth or absorbent kitchen paper.