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Purpose and functions of the Site

The Site operates mainly to promote the sale of the products manufactured by Cancio S.A. Other functions are also offered to Users in specific sections of the Site, such as the option to register on the Site by configuring a personal account to access reserved areas and content. , subscribe to mailing lists to receive newsletters about Cancio products.

Products; disclaimer and limitation of liability

Information about the products and services on the Site is published solely for descriptive or promotional purposes. Although Cancio S.A. makes every effort to ensure that the information and images posted on the Site are accurate and constantly updated, it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy, completeness, accuracy and current nature of the information and images on the Site, including descriptions of products.

The appearance and colors displayed on Users’ devices also depend on the settings of such devices. Consequently, Cancio S.A. cannot guarantee that such devices will always be displayed correctly from the images published on the Site.

Cancio S.A. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently alter or eliminate some of the products published in it, even without any notification to Users when those changes are implemented.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, in no case Cancio S.A. will be liable to Users or third parties for losses or damages of any kind arising from the use of the Site or its content.

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Content of Cancio S.A.

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Third Party Content

The Site may include, use, display or display content created by third parties, information obtained from public sources or links to external sites or Internet pages operated by third parties. Cancio S.A. does not control or monitor Third Party Content and, accordingly, assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, security, or reliability of Third Party Content; nor does it guarantee that Third Party Content is free of viruses or other functions capable of damaging Users’ data or property. Cancio S.A. disclaims all liability to Users in connection with any loss or damage arising from access to or use of Third Party Content by Users or Third Parties.


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Use of the Site

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Changes to the Terms of Use

Cancio S.A. reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify, correct, add or remove part of the Terms of Use by updating this document. Users are invited to review the Terms of Use periodically. Users who do not accept such changes must stop using the Site. The use of the Site after the changes to the Conditions of Use have been published constitutes the implicit acceptance of the changes by the User.