Toy Table

Extendable kitchen table with a modern design. Toy is a versatile and minimalist table for any kitchen space. The Toy extendable table offers a very modern design and a wide variety of finishes. The legs can be made of epoxy lacquered steel or solid stained or lacquered beech wood. The worktop can be made of CPL laminate, ceramic or colored tempered glass, in all cases having an anti-shock perimeter edge in abs. The table has an opening mechanism by moving the legs (made easier thanks to the non-visible wheels it incorporates) and automatic lifting of the large extendable (55 cmt in 100×60 and 110×70 and 60 cmts centimeters in 120×80). The extension is always in the same material and finish than the worktop.



Toy Table

In this video you can learn more about our product. Play the video and you will discover the most important details of this product.


the secrets OF THE TOY TABLE

We show you the most interesting points of the Toy table, pass the mouse over them and discover all the information you should not miss.

The legs are made of steel, section 70x30 mm, epoxy lacquered finish. Do you want to know more about this treatment? Here

The frame is made of steel with an epoxy lacquered finish, giving the table strength and robustness.

The telescopic guides are made of aluminum, very light and highly resistant.

Locking system prevents the extendable from sliding when the table is open/closed

The legs move and the extensible slides and rotates, all the details are in this video.

The movable legs have integrated nylon wheels that allow the table to be opened effortlessly.

Extendable tops are always made of the same material as the main worktop.