We incorporate environments criteria in the design phase of our products, finding a way to minimize the environmental impact during the life cycle.


The wood we use is origin from European forests, that are managed through a sustainable system (only the 80% is cut down to produced, and for every cut down tree is replanted, at least another one). The aluminium is a extremely durable material and it allows recycling it entirely in its final days.

The ceramic is a 100% natural, made with clays, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides, as parts of natural composition it can be recycled.


Our most important suppliers are located at least in less than 200 km near our installations, reducing transportation emissions of CO2 and keeping track of our footprint.


We design and manufacture with high quality materials, we want our products to be part of your home for a long time, durability and longevity are our contribution to a sustainable development.


We want to minimize the environment impact, most of the materials and raw materia we use is recyclable (wood, glass, ceramic, steel, aluminium…)


Our packaging ensures that our products are properly protected during transportation, with a minimum quantity of material.

We have compromise to reduce plastics in favour of cardboard boxes. We have integrated into our installations a 100% recyclable cardboard box manufacture machine, which allows us to optimize every component that integrates in the packaging process and reduce our carbon footprint.