Who we are

The story of Cancio begins in a small carpentry workshop located in the heart of Madrid in 1959. Gregorio Cancio, our founder inherits the carpenter profession from his father and in the 50’s develops his business in th capital.

Later on, with a few years of hard work and achieving the markets recognition, including the Brussels Inventors Fair, which in 1958 rewards his ingenuity for an original furniture design, starts the necessity to expand the workshop. Gregorio did not hesitate and moves back with part of his team to Villalba de los Alcores, his hometown and the place where Cancio put down its roots.


Here is where the Cancio´s familiar aspect of the business is consolidated, being the company management headed by its second generation, being commited to all the values that Gregorios have shown in his carreer, hard work, dedication, honesty, that leaded him to form the shape of his professional project.

In the 70’s, the business model of the kitchen cabinet furniture was running out, and was taking its place rapidly the idea of a integral design kitchen furniture. Then, when the ingenuity and creativity start to merge, Cancio reinvents again, designing a product concept completely new and with a great future ahead. A wooden table and chairs as a set, to go along with the kitchen styles in that moment.

In 1973, Octuber the 1st is dispatched the first table, named Giralda, along with the set of chairs, and in a short period of time, the small Cancio´s warehouse has to be reorganized to optimize the production line of a product, to keep up with the overload demand of orders.

Our company starts to expand, firstly all over Spain and then starting to export, to be nowadays an international company present in twenty different markets.

Fabrica Cancio Aérea

If in our first years of trayectory, our name was associated to manufacturing wooden products for the kitchen, the evolution in our designs, adapted to the current diverse demands, has let us became a global manufacturer, applying the most modern technology in our product process, without losing the artcraft detail and using a wide range of high quality materials to cover our clients needs, in the kitchen, home and contract areas.

Currently, the third generation of the Cancio family leads a commited project respecting their roots, without forgetting the origin of that exciting project that began in 1959 and looking optimistic to the future.